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Бесплатная книга: Selenium WebDriver

Хороший источник информации на русском языке по работе с Selenium WebDriver, с примерами кода на Java. Книгу на GitBooks можно смотреть онлайн (зелёная кнопка Read), а также скачать в популярных форматах (PDF/ePub/Mobi).


Case Study: JUnit4, Selenium WebDriver and Allure

I just recently made an example project which shows the abilities of automated testing using JUnit4, Selenium WebDriver and Allure.

This relatively simple project with code written on Java requires only Maven to run, it works on Internet Explorer, however you may tweek it to work on any Webdriver compatible browser (both desktop and mobile). Allure itself could be tuned to use most using automated testing framework, so not only JUnit is supported. Worth to note, you may import project with your Java IDE and use it as base for your experiments.

The source code, including project configuration pom.xml, as well as setup and usage guide are available on my GitHub space:

Quick automation: Getting Started with Selenium

Selenium is a famous tool and framework which allows you to automate your web-applications testing: record, edit and execute tests.

Selenium consist of two major parts, which can be used independently or in a cooperation, depending on your project needs:

  • Selenium IDE — a Firefox browser add-in with GUI which allows you to do simple record-and-playback interaction with the browser
  • Selenium WebDriver — a framework (API) libraries, which allows you to develop and run tests directly from your IDE

Selenium is open-source software distributed under Apache license (so it’s royalty-free) and has wide community support with addons and guidances.

All this makes Selenium good to use in various kinds of projects, includes commercial.

If you’re about to quickly start with automation some of your manual test cases, you’re on the right path.

Watch the following videos to get familiar with Selenium IDE to record users actions and give a result in minutes. Then we’ll enhance the abilities with the Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium IDE — Record, Play & Expand




Selenium WebDriver — Feel the power