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Бесплатный доступ: все курсы DataCamp и LinkedIn

Компания Microsoft в очередной раз преподнесла подарок всем любителям онлайн-курсов. Если раньше можно было получить бесплатный 3-месячный доступ к полной базе курсов Pluralsight, то теперь из аккаунта Visual Studio Dev Essentials (если его у вас ещё нет, то заведите — это бесплатно) можно активировать ваучеры на бесплатную 2-месячную подписку на DataCamp и 3-месячную подписку на LinkedIn Premium.

Активировать их можно в любое удобное время, скорее всего эта «акция» будет довольно продолжительной, вы можете активировать подписки как одновременно, так и по очереди, по мере необходимости.

Чем интересны перечисленные MOOC площадки?

  • Data Camp (обработка и анализ данных, искусственный интеллект, Python, R)
  • LinkedIn Premium (для бизнеса, технических и творческих специалистов)

Latest webinars this year

December is a great time to threat yourself and get familiar with something new or to refine existing skills. Find below list of upcoming online events, I believe most of them worth to attend.

  • Secure Software Requires the Right Tools. Synopsys cybersecurity expert Jonathan Khudsen will tell about classes of tools work best for locating vulnerabilities and how to use them in the context of product development.  Date and time: 13.12.2016, 2:00 PM ET. Free, registration required.
  • The Future of Test Automation: Leading Experts Share Their Vision for 2017. Test Automation gurus Dave Haeffner, Jim Evans, Simon Stewart and Brian Jordan, about to ​discuss emerging trends, skills, and best practices that will shape your testing environment during 2017. English language. Date and time: 15.12.2016, 10:00-11:00 AM PST. As usual, event is free but registration required.
  • HP invites to discover a HPE User Behavior Analytics, some kind of enterprise DLP (data leak prevention) system with fraud-assessment abilities. Russian language. Date and time: 16.12.2016, 11:00-12:30 (MSK). Free, but registration requried.

Announce for ‘Advanced Test Automation Techniques for Responsive Apps and Sites’

e711eb50-d15af060-app-logo-subtitle-white-200-50-var2Struggling with coding automated tests for your responsive web-app, full of asynchronous JS, yet on various types of devices, ha? Then it worth to join and visit this free webinar.

This session is organised by Applitools, you will learn how to:

  • Implement generic tests that work for all the layouts of your app
  • Control browser’s viewport size to accurately target layout transition points
  • Incorporate layout-specific assertions in your tests
  • Effectively design responsive page objects
  • Visually validate the correctness of your app’s layout

Yet the organizers follow with advanced session, where they going to implement a complete Selenium-based automated test for a popular responsive website from scratch.

Date: Tuesday, July 26
Time: 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 5 pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour

Announce for a ‘Lessons Learned from the Jeep Hack: How to Reduce Software Vulnerabilities in Cyber-Physical Systems’


This event going to be quite interesting. You’re probably don’t want to miss it.
If so, go register and add a note into your calendar!

Topics to be covered 
  • Lessons Learned from Jeep — Case Study Review — Chris Valasek, Security Lead — Uber ATC
  • Secure Software Development Landscape — Mark Sherman
  • Security Requirements Engineering — Chris Alberts
  • Secure Coding Best Practices — Bob Shelia
  • Continuous Integration (Secure DevOps) — Hasan Yasar
  • Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure — Chris King

April 11, 2016    1:00 — 4:15 pm ET

It’s online event. Reserve your seat now (free) by this link.