Turn on a dark theme for most of the popular web-sites

TL; DR: Enable flag #enable-force-dark in Chrome.

I’m a big fan of dark themes for websites and apps. They make browsing more comfortable to my eyes, especially after a long day and during the night. Unfortunately, there are still lots of sites (including the most popular ones) that offer only the default «white background» style which makes using them eye-leaking.

Until today, I used the Stylus plugin for my browser which has a comprehensive library of themes that applies over the top of the default website style. It worked for me, although I still had to write my own styles for some unpopular sites, another issue was that styles from the community-developed library were often outdated.

Fortunately, developers of Chrome browser recently solved that issue for us, so that you can easily turn on (and off) the dark theme for most of the sites, also you don’t need any plugins anymore.

To enable dark themes:

  1. Type chrome://flags/ URL in Chrome browser address bar
  2. Search for #enable-force-dark (Force Dark Mode for Web Contents) setting and Enable it (you may play with different modes if you faced performance issues, but to me simple «Enabled» option works just fine).

That’s it! Open your favourite website on the browser and check it out.

In fact, it works even on this site 🙂

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