Announce for a ‘Lessons Learned from the Jeep Hack: How to Reduce Software Vulnerabilities in Cyber-Physical Systems’


This event going to be quite interesting. You’re probably don’t want to miss it.
If so, go register and add a note into your calendar!

Topics to be covered 
  • Lessons Learned from Jeep — Case Study Review — Chris Valasek, Security Lead — Uber ATC
  • Secure Software Development Landscape — Mark Sherman
  • Security Requirements Engineering — Chris Alberts
  • Secure Coding Best Practices — Bob Shelia
  • Continuous Integration (Secure DevOps) — Hasan Yasar
  • Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure — Chris King

April 11, 2016    1:00 — 4:15 pm ET

It’s online event. Reserve your seat now (free) by this link.

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