Архив за месяц: Сентябрь 2015

Announce for online StarWest Virtual Conf 2015

The STARWEST Virtual Conference will be streaming live on September 30 — October 1 from the physical conference in Anaheim, CA. The Virtual Conference features presentations and interviews straight to your desktop—including the latest testing solutions and networking opportunities. As well as live interviews with conference speakers!

Attendance is complimentary (free), so reserve your seat now.

Unable to watch the entire two-day event? No problem! Register now and log in at your convenience during the live show or on demand through December 30, 2015.

Key sessions are:

  • Testing the Internet of Everything
  • Effective Testing and Automation with Microsoft Tools
  • Why Do QA Test Automation Projects Fail?
  • Innovations in Testing
  • Continuous Performance: Using Open Source Tools to Automate Load Testing in Modern Deployment Pipelines

Full programm available here.
Registration on the online room is from here.

Онлайн-вебинар по VS2015: Нагрузочное тестирование и анализ производительности

23 сентбря 2015 года в 10:00 AM — 11:00 AM (московское время) Дмитрий Андреев, эксперт по разработке информационных систем в компании Microsoft проведёт онлайн-семинар, посвящённый нагрузочному тестированию в Visual Studio 2015.

Анализ производительности и нагрузочное тестирование это ключевая фаза в жизненном цикле любого решения, так как призвана ответить на вопрос – может ли разработанная система выдержать ожидаемый уровень нагрузки. Visual Studio 2015 предоставляет большое количество возможностей по анализу производительности и нагрузочному тестированию приложений с распределением ролей между контроллерами и тестовыми агентами. Вы узнаете как получить данные о производительности приложения и о методах по созданию тестовых сред на базе инфраструктуры предприятия и с помощью облака Azure.

Мероприятие бесплатное. Для участия нужно зарегистрироваться по ссылке.

CodedUI test: Как я боролась с Windows Authentication и вроде победила

Я пишу тесты, используя Selenuim WebDriver + C# для веб-приложения.

Приложение находится в интранет зоне и требует авторизации. Ужасно достало окно авторизации, Windows Security упорно просил пароль, несмотря на флаг remember my credential.

Вот список мероприятий, которые я использовала, чтобы IE больше не запрашивал пароль (возможно, некоторые из них излишни):

  1. Internet Options -> Local intranet -> Sites -> Advanced -> добавить домен.
  2. Там же я выбрала Include all network paths.
  3. Restricted sites -> Custom level -> User Aithentication -> выбрала Automatic logon only in Intranet zone

Еще, кроме того, тест не запускается, если настройка Enable protedted mode для разных областей разная. Просто приходится убирать все галки с Protected mode.


Announce for ‘A Taxonomy of Testing Types’ webinar

Donald Firesmith in collaboration with Software Engineering Institute and Carnegie Mellon University presenting this online webinar which is going to be started on Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015 at 1:30 PM ET. Here is original description of the event:

«A surprisingly large number of different types of testing exist and are used during the development and operation of software-reliant systems. We have identified nearly 200 of these general types of testing and there are many additional types that are application-domain specific. While most testers, test managers, and other testing stakeholders are quite knowledgeable about a relatively small number of testing types, many people know very little about most of them and are unaware that others even exist.

Understanding these different types of testing is important because different types of testing tend to uncover different types of defects and multiple testing types are needed to achieve sufficiently low levels of residual defects. Whereas not all of these testing types are relevant on all projects, a complete taxonomy can be very used to help discover the ones that are appropriate and ensure than no relevant type of testing is accidentally overlooked. Such a taxonomy can also be useful as a way to organize and prioritize one’s study of testing.

This tutorial introduces the attendee to our taxonomy of testing types, thereby clarifying the grand scope of testing and enabling the attendee to better select the appropriate types of testing to for their specific needs.»

It’s online webinar and participation is free, but registration on event is required (click here).

Also note that begin time specified in ET (Eastern Daylight Time), so check your time correction in advance (e.g., at this site)

CodedUI test: How to get the cell by value from table/grid

I was stuck in grids in my CodedUI test. The grid could change depends on test data, so it is impossible to define solid SearchProperties for cell as them are changing.

public void SelectCell(string type)
WinTable table = this.UILocalaccountsWindow.UIGridLocalAccountsWindow.UIDataGridViewTable;
WinCell myCell = table.FindFirstCellWithValue(type);

So I define a table in my method and then use method FindFirstCellWithValue with argument string.

It was so easy I even do not believe in that, but it is working.