Announce for ‘Getting Started in Security Testing with Dan Billing’ masterclass

The Ministry of Testing are going to carry out this masterclass next week on Thursday, Sep 10, 2015 10:00 PM — 11:00 PM AST. Here is their original announce:

«Have you ever been asked to test for security on your applications? No idea where to start? Do you want to expand your testing skills to include aspects of security? Unsure what the implications are? Want to add value to your teams, where there may be no existing security testing?

This workshop will be a great starter for any tester who wants to understand some of the main aspects of security testing. This workshop will include an exploration of approaches, skills and techniques. We will examine how a range of tools will provide you with a whole host of information and data, so that you can really inject value into your bug reports. We will discuss the main dangers and pitfalls you will face as you start out on security testing your applications. We’ll also look into some recommended learning and reading to do outside of this Masterclass.»

It’s online webinar and participation is free, but registration on event is required (click here).

Note that begin time specified in AST (Atlantic Standard Time), so check your time correction in advance (e.g., at this site)

What is ‘The Ministry of Testing’? It’s a UK based sofware testing club and comminity, they provide a platform to discuss and collaborate experience regarding software testing and quality aspects. The Dojo, their new project, is a host for regular online lessons and webinars by experts around the globe (so follow them at

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