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Бесплатная книга: Selenium WebDriver

Хороший источник информации на русском языке по работе с Selenium WebDriver, с примерами кода на Java. Книгу на GitBooks можно смотреть онлайн (зелёная кнопка Read), а также скачать в популярных форматах (PDF/ePub/Mobi).


Case Study: JUnit4, Selenium WebDriver and Allure

I just recently made an example project which shows the abilities of automated testing using JUnit4, Selenium WebDriver and Allure.

This relatively simple project with code written on Java requires only Maven to run, it works on Internet Explorer, however you may tweek it to work on any Webdriver compatible browser (both desktop and mobile). Allure itself could be tuned to use most using automated testing framework, so not only JUnit is supported. Worth to note, you may import project with your Java IDE and use it as base for your experiments.

The source code, including project configuration pom.xml, as well as setup and usage guide are available on my GitHub space:

OWASP Top 10 2017 RC2 Final has been published

A second release candidate for the list of Most Critical types of vulnerabilities/risks for Web Apps by version of OWASP, has been published recently on their GitHub space.

There was significant changes since the previous OWASP Top 10 2013 list: some threats are not so actual these days, but another ones arose (such as XML External Entity (XXE), Insecure Deserealization, and Insufficient Logging & Monitoring).

The RC2 has Final postfix in its name meaning the document is ready to review and investigation.

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Kali Linux 2017.2 Release

A state-of-art Linux build for all those who interested in security testing has been upgraded. For more details, including what’s new and upgrade instructions please proceed the link https://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-2017-2-release/

Microservice Testing. Introduction.

A good intro by Nathan Peck into Understanding an architecture and quality processes within the projects for microservice apps development.


Another good article is a «Testing Strategies in a Microservice Architecture»:

GUI тесты на Python: Win32 API, MS UI Automation, и немного о будущем

Один из разработчиков Pywinauto рассказывает как с помощью Python и этого фреймворка можно автоматизировать администрирование/тестирование приложений на примере Windows.

Также стоит обратить внимание на YouTube-канал Академии Яндекса «Тестирование«, там много интересных и полезных видео по теме.

Quick start with Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanations. In fact, it’s an interactive IDE, allowing you to share your work with anyone, collaborate and review your Python code.

It’s a web-based tool, though you can run it on your local machine (just as I do). You could check how it works by opening and running through any so called notebook (a page file with .ipynb extension, at the Jupyter Project site https://try.jupyter.org/

Running your local Jupyter instance is pretty simple. After installation, just open command line in directory were you’d like to store/open your .ipynb files and hit command:

jupyter notebook

That’s it! A browser page «http://localhost:8888/tree» will shortly pop up displaying your own Jupyter local instance and you’re ready to rock.

Jupyter is widely used in Machine Learning and Data Science areas as it has not only great UI and store your computations as if you’d have in paper notebook, but also data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, etc.

I use it to run scikit-learn, pandas, numpy and matplotlib libraries, all great for the Data Mining/Analysis and Machine Learning tasks.

Here is also «A gallery of interesting Jupyter Notebooks«, worth to visit and check it out to see loads of the examples where Jupyter Notebook can be useful.

100+ Free Data Science Books for 2017

An interesting set of the free available Data Science books, including those for the Machine Learning, AI, Python and R.

Click here to see the list: 100+ Free Data Science Books

Pluralsight — получаем бесплатный аккаунт и скачиваем видео

Pluralsight — отличный видеосервис для изучения программирования, разных связанных с ИТ и не только направлений. Его отличает от других площадок большое количество качественного контента, удобный интерфейс и даже возможность получения консультаций от тренеров.

Но есть проблема — доступ платный, подписка на год стоит 299$, для многих это серьёзная сумма!

К счастью, можно получить доступ бесплатно на 3 месяца. А далее вы сами решите, нужно ли оно вам.

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Announce for OnlineTestConf Spring 2017

Yet another interesting free online conference is upcoming! Here is some details about. It’s 2 day online-only conf which has some of the topics to discuss. You may overview the schedule at the following page: http://www.onlinetestconf.com/program/ It’s worthwhile to make some list of the classes you want to visit, so not hang on whilst boring ones is going on.

Some of the topics I’m going to visit:

  • 101 For Building The Right Mobile Test Lab For Your Business
  • Contributing to GitHub is for Everyone
  • Opening Keynote: Testing and AI
  • Crowd Testing Magic
  • Testing Challenges in the Highly Interconnected World of IOT

Event Time: Tue, June 13 (10:00am–3:00pm) and Wed, June 14 (10:00am–3:00pm).
Times presented are in (EDT) Eastern US timezone.
Event Registration: Free. Use this link to register